Remembering the Big Picture


My day-to-day involves a million different details.

Remembering the Big Picture

{Here’s a personal life snapshot.}

Morning Light Details: At home, I rise and shine at 5 a.m. I complete a multitude of varying tasks that include running, breakfast and lunch assembly, baby cuddling and coffee making. Oh, and getting myself put together. Out the door by 6:50 a.m. – at the latest.

Early Morning Work Details: Wrangle top priority to-do list. Check email, social media, feedly.

[insert fast-forward sound here.]

Evening Rush Details: Get dinner fixed and plated as fast as humanly possible before my babe turns into a pumpkin {aka fussball} and into the bath by 6:30ish.

And the day goes on…

None of this is new to you because I suspect you have just as many details, if not more, that swarm your day. And the details go into further detail. AH! And of course it doesn’t stop.

{This is where I go marketer on you.}

Just like in life, our marketing selves need to prioritize those details.

If you are involved in any aspect of marketing {big or small}, you’ve been there before – where you may not get overwhelmed, but you get so excited that you have so much data for a campaign. It’s exciting to think you tracked and measured all of this “stuff”. Details.

Analysis happens once you get those formulas and numbers and titles and descriptions entered into a glorified Excel report. More details.

What about what happens next? Recommended next steps, probably. Again, more details.

{And this is where two worlds can collide.}

What about the overall goal? Oftentimes, we can get caught up in the {very important} details that we forget we are doing this for a much grander purpose…whatever that may be. And whatever it may be needs to be clearly defined and understood. Don’t know? Go figure it out! Because without knowing the reason behind all of the details, not only are we unable to measure a success or failure {if you want/hope to}, but defining a purpose lets us know that we are at least working towards something. It may not be a resolution or a destination. Perhaps it will be one small milestone within a decade-long journey. And that’s fine. Define it. Let yourself in on the secret. If the purpose was greater than anticipated, harder to grasp or maybe two steps from accomplishment, welcome it. I encourage you to be comfortable with knowing instead of just going through the fog of the daily grind.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Author: Ann Ehnert

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3 thoughts on “Remembering the Big Picture

  1. Thank you,through selfless sharing of ideas, thoughts and experiences that will make our world a better place to live. Thank you and hope that you will enjoy what I posted and post. Thanks again!


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