Role of a Mom


Let’s talk about moms. All kinds of moms. Anyone that was blessed with the role of mom, either by choice or circumstance, blood or adoption.

I never really grasped the true significance of a mother’s role until I was placed in the mom role. In short, it’s fucking magical. Not necessarily unicorns riding on white, fluffy clouds but unveiling the silver-lining in a world that may be perceived as completely turned upside down.

I always appreciated anyone that took on this role. Even my own mom, who I often butted heads with during my teen years, was {and is} always 100% deserving of respect, love, appreciation and a break once in a while. The role can be tough at times but always special, unique and ever-evolving.


As I sit here typing this, I’m reminded of a recent phone conversation with my mom. She was watching Mads for an afternoon filled with “bonding”, which in her grandma speak means books, beauty parlor and bananas + peanut butter. She said, “Oh, well, Madeline and I are now eating lunch, but we just took about 50 or 60 selfies. I’m not sure if we did this right, but we’re having a blast.” After laughing for about 5 minutes, it really hit me with what was happening – her role started to shift. She is slowly starting to shift away from some parts of the primary mom role {although still very much a mom – trust in that} and moving into this new chapter of grandma. Ever-evolving. “Mom”-ing never stops. It evolves. Even if your babes don’t have lil babies, “mom”-ing never stops.

//With that first scraped knee, “mom”-ing doesn’t stop.

//First school picture, “mom”-ing doesn’t stop.

//Swim lessons? Moming doesn’t stop.

//First day of 1st grade, “mom”-ing doesn’t stop.

//Detention – “mom”-ing definitely doesn’t stop.

//Car lessons, “mom”-ing doesn’t stop. {Although, I think she hoped it would.}

//First dates + school dances,  “mom”-ing does not stop.

//Graduation from high school + college,  “mom”-ing doesn’t stop.

//First “real” job, “mom”-ing doesn’t stop.

//Meeting the one, “mom”-ing doesn’t stop…although the significant other might secretly wish it to stop.

//Welcoming a new little one to the family, “mom”-ing doesn’t stop. It evolves. It multiplies.

//Ever single heartache, upset, happiness, excitement and confusion in between and beyond, there is no way the “mom”-ing stops.

And it’s amazing.

All the little nooks and crannies of life that hold memories of those special moms mold a person. No matter how many years they may make memories with us, the presence was known and will be forever cherished. We can forever be thankful for their tears, sweat and blood shed over the “mom”-ing, which can be downright hard sometimes. But it’s so worth it.

Enough sap. Let’s go enjoy the day and say thank you to that special woman {or man OR WOMEN OR MEN} in your life that continues to make that “mom”-ing effort.

You go, mom!

Hope everyone has a fantastic day making memories!

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Author: Ann Ehnert

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4 thoughts on “Role of a Mom

  1. Okay, this made me cry!! Reading through the milestones was too intense lol. I agree, no matter what happens, moms are the only ones who have your back 100%! They never stop mom-ing.


    • Aw, no tears :) Milestones can get intense. Ha. But even everyday stuff like getting breakfast together, we/they touch every part of the child’s life and it’s pretty overwhelmingly awesome. Have a great day!!


  2. Loved this post! I had never really pondered the intense significance of mothers until I became one…I hate to admit that I took my mom for granted before I became a mama my ownself. I lean on my mom so much for advice in my mothering and it is really neat for me to see her look to her own mom on how to be a grandma. We always need our moms – just in different ways! :) Thanks for this!


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was surprised on the personal reflection of it all as well. You said it perfect – we lean on them. So much. No matter if it’s us, our moms, their moms or our littles :) Have a great holiday, mama!!


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