My Mom Journey with Google

So, moms don’t know everything. {It’d be awesome if we did…}

And by some miracle, many most of the time, we ultimately fashion a solution out of shoestring and spit that comes out looking like golden treasure. Why? Well, one, because we’re awesome creatures. We’re the closest thing you’ll find to a unicorn. And another? We love Google*. This search engine is our sidekick. Next to Pinterest, Google could be the one that holds the solutions to our most ridiculous questions so we can continue on being the most magical, can-do, will-do-{almost}-everything creatures.

I’ve had a field day lately with this companion. And when I started taking note of what I’m searching, I just knew I wanted to share … and hopefully, maybe encourage some of my fellow mamas to spill the beans about their searching habits.

google \ search habits \ mom search habits \ mom shortcuts

It’s been an odd few weeks, so here you go – my search history:

// How to get stale playdoh out of carpet

// Potty training distractions, minnie mouse

// How did grandma get chocolate out of clothes???

// Fruit snacks, easy, interesting, I’m lazy

// Car ride activities, avoiding screen time and whining

// Kid-friendly dinner, not chicken

// Best way to clean car seat, urine everywhere

// Hand-held vacuum for car, kid clean up and hair

// Sassy toddlers, how to tame but I still appreciate it

What did our moms and the moms before them do before Google? Oh, I’ll tell you. They are the ones that provided the masterful content that make up these fantastic answers. They sifted through the hours of trial and error. Or, because life is unnecessarily over-complicated now, perhaps their levels of anxiety and inquiry weren’t exactly parallel comparisons. #21STCenturyProblems

But, as an aside, can you just imagine little grandmas sitting behind the Google machine answering each maternal question as it rolls in?? PRECIOUS.

In the end, the answers to these ridiculous questions bring us together. As I started to type in my questions, I let out a quiet giggle because I find comfort that there will be search results, that another mama before me may have typed in a similar question and someone, somewhere, typed up a response to adequately answer questions only a tired yet fearless mama could ask.

We are pooling our resources with minimal awareness, silently giving a nod or a pat on the shoulder in solidarity.

We are a community, crossing every boundary and barrier that could exist. Regardless if we can physically connect with another mama, our search allows us to still make a powerful impact on another life – reassuring us that we are not in fact crazy to ask how one removes a blueberry from a nostril or how best to prepare for preschool/her period/his first kiss/driving alone/rejection/the future {and I’m talking about US not them}. Why? Because we need to live up to the answer to their questions…

How do you do it? / How do you know? / How can you do that?

Because I’m a mom.

*feel free to swap in the search engine of your choice

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Links I’m Lovin’

Last week ran away too fast. Probably because it was jam-packed with too much awesome. …or my head was just spinning off into an oblivion. Busy, ya feel? But, I can’t go two more seconds without sharing a few links I absolutely adored. Helpful and cheery goodness that needs to be shared again!

Here are a few moments that brightened up my entire week {…okay, maybe the past few weeks) and some good reads that fed by tummy and social media-lovin’ soul.

Instagram Quick Links | Helpful Resources for Instagram

The Best Hashtags To Get Your Instagram Noticed – these are great for exploring and finding new accounts as well. Although it takes more than a hashtag, discovering similar themes and accounts by way of these hashtags will also help your following and overall engagement.

How To Take Better Instagram Photos – great, GREAT tips and reminders, from reflectors and natural light to the rules of three.

Instagram Editing How-To’s – Hint: if you like something, ASK.

5 Must-Haves In Your Instagram Tool Kit – these ring true. MVP goes to the foam core board!

pinterest recipes / tried pinterest recipe and turned out great

Blueberry Lemon Energy Bites – they should work “coconut” into this title because DAMN. But it’s really good, especially if you like lemon + blueberry + coconut. Mads and I couldn’t get enough. My anti-coconut hubs tolerated them, “enjoyed” one and moved along. But I secretly think he loved them – how could you not? Also, extremely easy and Mads helped.

English Muffins – so, SO easy. After taking a bite, I literally stopped what I was doing, looked right at them and asked why I waited so long. Why was I BUYING these super easy and delicious babies? Then I poured myself a glass of red, finished the rest and possibly ate two more. Our English muffin-lovin’ household is happy, happy, happy!

Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Energy Bites – I could eat these all day, every day. The most tedious thing about these is putting the melted chocolate onto the parchment in little gorgeous blobs. And that’s the hard part. It was fun getting creative with the trail mix, making sure each one had great assortment in crunch and color! And, honestly, you can’t mess it up – they are always delicious and always turn out beautiful.

anna kendrick shower thoughts \ glamour magazine feature video

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5 Reasons I Shouldn’t Have Married Him

There are a ton of articles out there that tell us what makes up the perfect man. A LOT. I’m sure if I went the opposite direction and looked up the ideal woman, I would be greeted with 10x more “research” and be equally disappointed. But to be quite honest, I think I did receive the perfect man … for me. He was made for me, which I think is pretty cool. And I for him. Although some days I’m sure we are wondering what HE was thinking when He paired us. Regardless, after reading so much ridiculousness, I wanted to share a few reasons why this whole “marriage” thing should work against us, according to our lovely society – and why in the end, these are actually our dealmakers.

So, here they are – the five reasons I shouldn’t have married the bubbs…


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Day-Dates with My Favorite Two Year Old

I love that she is TWO.

Madeline with Popcorn - Loving the Terrible Twos - Movie with Mads
Yep, I said it. Let it sink in for a moment.

I love this age. I love TWO. I love the running around in circles, picking flowers in the grass, finger paint on everything, mess in my backseat, screaming to scream and laughing to laugh.

Before you stop reading and think I’ve jumped off the deep end, hear me out…

This age has brought a world of change to our daughter. And I’m sure it’s a world of change to your little one, too. She can articulate needs. She can refuse. She can take. She understands sharing. She is vocally empathetic. She walks into the world with eyes wide open and sees things differently than me. A breath of FRESH air. In turn, I’m experiencing EVERYTHING again.

As a mom that works outside the home, time F   L   I   E   S. I want to soak up as much time with her as I can. I want to be with her and share experiences, darn it! So, what do two gals do that are eager to get out and love on life? Age-appropriate day-dates, of course!

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Let Them Be Little

A random thought popped to mind when Mads and I were driving to school, listening to the Disney station on Pandora for the million and tenth time, which is carefully curated to include Tangled, Frozen, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. {I guess the girl has a few favorites…}

New music was recently added to the station {YES!!} and the classic Adventures of Winnie the Pooh song came on unexpectedly. Mads immediately identified the theme. And then after about a minute of listening, I thought to myself, “This song sounds so babyish.” I picked up my phone and glanced at the thumbs down button…

I stopped myself and realized what I was saying. Babyish? Was I trying to create some oxymoron with synonyms by calling a child’s song babyish? Um, quite impossible and so illogical. It didn’t – doesn’t – make sense. Why? Simply put: my baby IS a baby. This IS the music she should be listening to.

But there’s so much more than that…

Laumeier Park with Mads

Having this brief moment of clarity brought forth several reminders to my mother self. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to helping shape the lives of these little people – these little, precious gifts that will continue to grow. One day, they will make decisions, go to work, vote, grocery shop and everything in between, including laundry, picking car insurance and making their own doctor appointments. They will trade in naps for all-nighters and juice cups for coffee tumblers. Perhaps they will sit at a computer after a long day and start pouring their heart over a keyboard, like so many have done before them, or maybe they will just call it a night and get the recommended eight hours of sleep. In a blink of an eye, they became adults. They are us. No longer babies. A time when Winnie the Pooh is … babyish.

Until then, while we still have them little, lets savor the babyish moments. Put Winnie the Pooh on repeat. Get it stuck in your head. Sing it by yourself when you think no one else is listening. Give it a chance to just take over for a little bit and love it in a way that your little loves it – so fresh and new.

As if we need a reminder, growing doesn’t stop. Time does not stand still. And we will only have so many babyish moments left before they slowly fade into the background. Daily moments turned quickly into memories. So, lets just submerge ourselves with our littles. Be babyish. Why not?

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