Tumultuous Twos, Enter Stage Right.

I think the two year old, or rather the year itself, gets a bad rap.

I never really understood why people would call this age “terrible.” I’m sure there are enough moms out there that would like to slap my wrists and call me a newb. They hang their mama veteran status high and proud. “I’ve been through it all,” they say, “and those twos are terrible.”

To those veteran moms: I hear ya, loud and c l e a r. You paved the way and let us newbs know that the light shines at the end of that somewhat scary tunnel. I continue to look up to you, honor you, respect you. But I can’t agree with you…not on this.

Maybe it’s just the word terrible. Terrible. It just sounds…terrible. But through it all, was it really that terrible?

I’m opting for a search + replace of that word…

In September, we welcomed the tumultuous twos. A new stage in our Madeline’s life FOR SURE. This stage is a bit louder. IN YOUR FACE. It’s messy. Exaggerated. A roller-coaster. In short, it’s F U L L.

She runs around non-stop, sometimes shouting at the top of her lungs. A trip to the grocery story feels like a full-blown adventure. Skipping up and down aisles, asking “what is this?” to almost every single item on the shelf.

She’s also learning new ways to communicate, figuring out how to ask for things she needs and wants. At these moments, odds for a meltdown are at their greatest.

Life is still so new, so fresh. She’s still learning the ropes, but her eagerness to get moving, to “do it myself” as she says, gets in the way. Mama needs to remind her that some things require her to walk before she can run. Frustration and confusion start to overwhelm… and not just the little ones.

We are on this tumultuous ride with our babes. This is also our tumultuous twos. This is our time to figure out the wants, nurture the needs and foster the communication, for them and us.

Journeying through this stage in life creates opportunity to learn something new about our little ones every single day. This roller-coaster of emotions//actions will definitely take us for the ride of a lifetime. It will test our limits, challenge our sanity at times, force us to think outside the cardboard box that they have grown tire of and give us the ability to grow into kick-ass moms. We will forge ahead, kissing the bruises, sharing the laughter and giving all the cuddles while they shed a tear as they try to put their shoes on the wrong feet.

As I sit back and think about the upcoming year, I start to laugh a little. I know every day will not be easy. Every day will also not be terrible. It will just be. The continuation of our current chapter. A beautiful chapter. A journey into the tumultuous twos.

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National Coffee Day 2014

Happy National Coffee Day, everyone! Whether you take your coffee hot, iced, loaded with creamer vs just a cup of joe, ice cream with the hint of the heavenly bean or just the aroma of a really great coffee-scented candle, it’s your day to celebrate.

I can’t get enough. I’ve been snappin’ photos of my lovely coffee drinks for awhile…so I’ve recently noticed…

I guess you could say we’re getting pretty serious…

Coffee Collage
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This Precious Life.

Life. So precious. We are gifted this breath by Him.

His plan for us is so much greater. Sometimes it takes us by surprise. It can make us feel extremely warm as if we are glowing from the inside out, smiling so wide, ear from ear, we feel as if our face will freeze in this place forever. But it can also make us feel like we have suddenly entered the darkest cave, alone among the millions, helpless. It’s at these darkest of dark times that trusting in this grand plan is hardest. So. Hard. It’s in these hard times that I remember…

In life

…they tell you some days may be hard, but it will be worth it.

What they may forget to tell you is that the worth is priceless, immeasurable. And although it will be hard to understand the immense worth associated with the moment, going through the motions and experiencing it will bring you to a better place. A better understanding. A complete picture. Possibly a resolution.

…they tell you no one makes it out alive.

What they may forget to tell you is that as you end your human life here on earth, you prepare for your enternal life. Every ending has a new beginning.

…they tell you laughter is the best medicine.

What they may forget to tell you is that when laughter is absent and a smile cannot make its way across your face, substitutes to a chuckle include a heart-to-heart with a dear friend over coffee, morning light cuddles or an afternoon walk with your favorite playlist.

…they tell you the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

What they may forget to tell you is that the reason why that grass may be greener, richer and more healthy is a result of those folks watering it. Loving it. Nurturing it amidst the unforeseen. Never abandoning and always returning to the one thing that continues to grow, become stronger day by day and will be yours.

…they tell you when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

What they may forget to tell you is that sometimes the tough even have times when they say “screw it,” take a moment to just sit, exist in the moment and experience the tidal waves of emotion that can rip through a soul.

Wishing you all the best week and a wonderful Sunday evening.

Prayer request // As I type this, I’m thinking of a beautiful family that is going through an extremely difficult time, facing the possibility of losing the life of a little one…one of the hardest loses in this world. If you have a moment, please think of them. Send a thought or prayer of strength during this time. Thank you, friends. xo

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Black Bean and Corn Quesadilla

I’m going to knock on wood before I make this next statement…
We were certainly blessed to have a baby, well, toddler, that is such a good eater.
{Eh, as I typed those words, I seriously started to feel slightly anxious…}

As a result of this rock-star-never-taken-for-granted-please-don’t-let-it-end-now-God eater, we still continue to try new things, keep on track with our Meatless Mondays and aim to have fun but simple meals during the week that still have great flavor (and seasoning!!). This is one of them…

Black Bean and Corn Quesadilla // #meatlessmondays

So, this was extremely easy to make and dinner was on the table in under 30 minutes. {Check it, Rachael Ray!}

The stars of the show included…

1 can black beans – unseasoned
1/2 cup frozen corn
1 cup shredded cheese – we’re cheese lovers, and it’s very possible there was more than 1 cup. We’re all for more!
4 tortilla shells – we used the fajita size, which are a bit smaller than the burrito size tortilla shells.
Taco seasoning
Salsa/verde sauce/hot sauce – whatever you prefer to give it a little bit of a kick.
Sour cream and green onions for garnish
Butter (or non-stick spray)

Here is how I put it all together…

// Start heating up a griddle and a small pot on the stove. Medium to medium-low works.
// Rinse the beans.
// In the pan, toss the beans and frozen corn together. Let them get acquainted for a bit, or until the corn starts to thaw.
// Add 1 tablespoon of taco seasoning.
// See how much liquid is still in there after you have added the seasoning. If it’s a little dry, add a little bit of water to make sure the seasoning coats everything.
// Add 1 tablespoon of your sauce.
// Building time! Butter one side of the tortilla shell and place it butter side down on a hot griddle. Place cheese first on the tortilla, then the bean and corn mixture, then some more cheese. Place another tortilla on top and butter the top side. These suckers will spread once they start to melt! I concentrate placing the goodness in the center and leaving about 1/2 in – 1 gap between the filling and edge of the tortilla.
// Brown on one side for about 3-4 minutes and then carefully flip the sucker. Brown for another 3-4 minutes. (If it’s not brown enough for you, go a little longer.)
// Pull off heat and let it cool, giving it a chance to set.
// Cut with a pizza cutter if you can – so easy! Knives work too, I guess. ;)
// Garnish with sour cream and green onions.

Yield: 2 quesadillas

Gobbled up and no leftovers. Perfect for little fingers. If they aren’t crazy about the shell, the cheesy beans and corn will hit the spot. Add this plus apple slices and you are in business, mama!

It was delicious, and I think we will be doing this again soon. We love remixing quesadillas!

What do you love to put between two tortilla shells??


Currently. Fall.

Ooo Ooo Ooo, I L O V E all things F A L L! I’m such a huge fan of the theme of this week’s Currently, and I hope you are, too! Here is what I’m up to…

Thinking// about our upcoming trip to Eckert’s! I cannot wait to enjoy this fall air and pick some apples with my loves. I’ve started looking at a few recipes for our finds. It’s no surprise that these are either sweet or cheese-covered recipes. YUM.

brie and apple crescent rolls // mini caramel apples // smoky apple and bacon quesadillas

Reading// Sarah from 12twentyseven’s link-up this week is also celebrating fall. An awesome tribute to my favorite season will be happening all week :) Can’t wait to read what she has in store, along with all the other lovely ladies in the link-up. But beyond this week, Sarah’s posts are inspirational, powerful and truly heart-felt. I enjoy popping into her blog, settling in for a moment with an iced coffee and taking a moment to read. If you have a moment, visit.

Enjoying// I made the recipe I was talking about in last week’s Currently post. SO glad I did. I followed the recipe almost to a T, and it turned out how I imagined. I definitely recommend it as a delicious fall treat. Looks pretty tasty, huh??

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Loving// my fall inspiration and fall recipes Pinterest boards. If you’d like, please check it out. There’s something about this season that’s just so beautiful. If you need convincing, take a peek. If you already know, then grab a few reinforcements. :) And if you have a fall inspiration/recipe/anything board, let me know! Always looking for more fall-goodness.

Have a great week!

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