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Let’s Bake | Chocolate Chip Scones

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently received a new kitchen gadget: pastry cutter. Call me silly, but I love acquiring new kitchen gadgets, especially if it means that it makes it more fun to bake some of my favorite recipes. And the new pastry cutter was only in my possession for about 1 hour before I busted out the trusty scone recipe. The chilly temps made the decision to turn on the oven and get to baking that much easier! I added in a few chocolate chips to sweeten it up and make it extra delicious. Oh, and the house smelled ah-mazing. {HINT: Chocolate + cinnamon = magic smells.}  How can you not? Trust – you’ll love this buttery, flaky, pastry awesomeness!
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2015 | “The Word”

I’m doing a little blog slacking. It might be on purpose. {I might have opened this very entry SEVERAL times over the past two weeks to try to work on it…} Sorry, friends. Life beyond this tiny corner of the universe got a little bit bigger, and it needed my undivided attention. But you understand, right? Still friends? Great!

So, January is gone with the wind. 2015 is definitely here for another 11 months, and I have some work to do. I need to devote time, set goals and be present. Why that is easier said than done sometimes, I’ll never know. It seems like these three points should be a natural happening, a regular occurrence on our life-road. I was never a fan of declaring resolutions, per se, hence my nod and not-so-private post on intentions and throw-aways for 2014.

Make a Move | New Year Goals

So, like so many of you wonderful bloggers, I picked a defining word for the upcoming year.

When the word came to mind, it was a result of deep introspective analysis, sitting at the edge of Jenny Lake, admiring all that is mighty and majestic of the Grand Teton …

Not really. It came to me when I started to think about my goals, the challenges I could possibly face and what I need to do in order to accomplish this 2015 to-do list {which honestly, the to-do list is fluid, ever-changing as it flows … think I just channeled Pocahontas for a second …}.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks …

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The Giver // The Gift

The Giver // Coffee Time with Mom, Mothers are Gifts“Mom!”


“Hey, Ann…”

I always answer, “Yes.”

And I’m noticing all of my fellow mamas doing the same. All. The. Time.

As mothers, I don’t know if we were born this way or if something just clicked inside of us the moment we joined our lives with another person. When I think back, I don’t remember ever having an issue with sharing, always enjoyed making people happy and realized if I could make someone’s day a little brighter, my day was then just a bit more full. I try to compare these early “people pleasing” moments with my current motherhood state. Believe me, I tried. For me, the comparison game just doesn’t fit here.

Motherhood can be 100% categorized into its personal universe of giving.

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Conversations with Mads // 02

Mads: <looking at my arms> Mommy, you are not white.

Me: What?

Mads: You are not white.

Me: Well, what am I?

Mads: <pointing to the freckles on my arm> You sparkle.

So, that basically made my heart explode and tossed away any insecurity I could ever possibly have about being covered head to toe … with sparkles. :) The world through a child’s eyes is the best.


Salt Dough Ornaments + Traditions

Happy Holidays! We are in the homestretch, and naturally, the time continues to fly. No chance in tying that down. I probably could use another month to accomplish everything I want to get done {along with the rest of the world}, but the reality is that most of it won’t happen. Getting to that realization and saying “it’s okay!” is a tough one. BUT the flip side? The moments we have spent celebrating and those events and activities we have waiting for us are still filled with endless amounts of magical, glittery, holiday goodness. New adventures woven into those treasured traditions.

Speaking of traditions …

The lovely Suzy spoke about traditions last week. A wonderful post, and if you haven’t hopped on to her site, you should. She made a great point about traditions … you may not realize something is a tradition until it is. It’s something that you just happened to do each year because you loved it. Before you even know you’re doing it, your new tradition is born. After thinking about this a bit more, I realized our tradition of salt dough ornaments – something we started on the first Christmas after we had Madeline – was born.
Salt Dough Ornaments

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