Hello, again, friends. This week has been a trip. A lot of wonderful, heart-warming and comfy fuzzy moments were had. And now that we are starting to experience fall-like temps, this mama, her bear and babe are oh-so-happy! A short but sweet currently, but everything is pretty much awesome. Enjoy. xo

Thinking// I REALLY want to bake this. The itch to bake has been with me all week. It will not go away. I will succumb to this. It will happen this weekend.

Reading// good enough. She is good enough. WE are good enough. It’s important we do not forget this.

My brain has too many tabs open.

The image of mom.

Enjoying// The slow-down. Preparing for the weekend. Mads and I feel it in the mornings. As the week continues on, our mornings become less rigid. Monday, we are running at what seems warp speed. {bubbs. xo} By Thursday, we make funny faces at each other over breakfast.  We slowly prepare to ease into that first weekend morning where we cling to each other for hours on end, snuggle in bed and stay in our PJ’s all day, if we want. It’s really lovely.

Loving// Easy. Easier. Easiest. THIS LADY. She turned two and my heart is so SO big. I’m just so PROUD of her. She’s a busy bee every single day, giving it 110% already and just having the time of her life while she does it. We could all learn something from that, I think.

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Life-Changing Moment

On this day two years ago, my husband and I walked into a situation that changed our lives forever.

Nerves were high. We were anxious. We felt unprepared. Scared? Possibly. We were venturing into the most uncharted of territories. Two years ago today, we signed in at St. Claire’s Hospital to await the arrival of our precious little girl.

I don’t think many mamas can look back on the day their little ones were born without letting out a few happy tears.

{…and I’m thinking to myself, “Oh right, Ann! Just a few. I’ll need to buy another box of tissues after a ‘few’ happy tears.”}

I can remember this experience like it was yesterday. I hope that I always can. If not, I will just look back on one of the thousand pictures Justin took as we waited. And when the time came, we did wait.

36 hours, 57 minutes we waited.

Little did we know, this waiting game was a glimpse into our little girl’s personality. She entered this world on her own time. She let us take her home on her own time. And just yesterday, she let me know she was not ready to get dressed, go potty or eat breakfast.

I could get upset. I could get frustrated at the possibility of running late. {However, my definition of “running late” may be flawed, and an explanation that will have to wait another day.} But I don’t. Whether her or I acknowledge or realize it, she isn’t taking away time. She’s savoring a moment. It doesn’t matter if she’s learning a new way of doing something or simply just existing. She’s taking in every movement, every sound, every sight, every smell. Everything.

{Shoot – tears. Pause for my tissue grab.}

She was, is and will always be our life-changing moment. Not just in the change-diapers-take-naps-public-tantrum-not-enough-hours-in-the-day way. She’s a constant pulse reminding us to exist. We are alive and breathing in deep every precious moment as if it could be our last. We may have moments of anger, frustration and restlessness, but this beautiful eye-opening way of living is paramount.

My dear one, thank you. The past two years were life-changing. I plan to continue down this life path with you, holding your hand as you hold mine. We will walk together {or maybe skip and dance} and jump feet first into an amazing life-long journey. Baby, I’m ready. Well, ready when you are – I’ll let you take the lead.

Happiest of birthdays. Mama loves you with her entire heart and soul. xoxo


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The other night, I did something that I don’t do very often – I restarted my computer.

It was running a little slow. My browser was not allowing a n y t h i n g to appear in the foreground. I needed to maximize/minimize a zillion and one times to just get one thing accomplished. It was awful. My productivity crashed. I wouldn’t say I became aggravated or stressed. I mean, it’s just a computer. I won’t get too bent out of shape over it … yet. But it definitely was annoying.

I took a step back and thought about the last time I actually turned this sucker off, even if it was just for a second. A restart. Forever. I don’t even remember when. That was enough reason to just power down for a moment.

Reset and Restart

My computer was tired. And realizing my technology was basically crying for help, I stood up, walked away from my computer and thought about how much time I spend at the computer a day. If I were to be honest and throw out a pretty good guesstimate, I would, I don’t know…probably cry. Or let out an enervated sigh. Probably more accurate. I would sigh at how many hours I spend staring at some sort of screen. Constantly connected and always “on”. Acknowledging the amount of time is not the worst feeling in the world, but it’s definitely taxing. Exhausting.

A new outlook and plan of action will start on the weekends. Granted, I don’t spend too much time on the computer on Saturdays and Sundays, but that phone sure stays by my side.

Twitter, Bloglovin and Pinterest - oh, my!

To reconnect with myself and turn my attention completely to the moment, I plan to shut down my computer on Saturdays and Sundays {unless something crazy happens that requires my attention} and restrict phone usage, face that online community FOMO head on and love on my M extra long, hold my bubbs closer, talk to my parents an extra time, laugh with my brother a little louder, be present with my friends a little longer and take a moment for just me, myself and I.

…and on that note, I’m out.

Have a great night, friends!



Thinking// My husband is pretty awesome. Coolest guy I know. I’m pretty lucky to share forever with this fella. But, man, I’m missing him big time. He has a big heart. And he’s helping out his team this week by working some pretty ick hours. At least it’s just for a week. For now. :-| Shout-out to you, my bubbs!

Mads and Dad at Grant's Farm

Reading// A few things… I promise you’ll love {or at least fall in SERIOUS like} with all of them…
Everything on Seth Godin’s blog.

“I’d love to pass out warm socks to every woman in the midst of numbers that won’t double or tests that won’t tell her what she’s pleading to hear. I would hand out wool and fleece and worn cotton with those little sticky things on the soles and I would say this: You are not bad math.

A thought that never goes stale, is always in my mind and what I hope everyone can achieve: Inhabit the moment

[Not] Watching// Made the unfortunate mistake of putting on Utopia on FOX. If you are looking for a cross between Big Brother and The Real World, you’ll find it in Utopia, oddly enough. Perhaps I didn’t give it enough of a chance. {I actually stopped watching 30 minutes into the two-hour season premiere.}

So, if you think that I didn’t give it a fair shot, I guess you could try to lure me back. I mean, I still probably won’t watch it, but I may contact you at the end of this year’s experiment to see what happened. ;)

Thankful for// You. Thanks for stopping by and spending a moment with me in my teeny, tiny corner of the web. Really. If I could, I would hug ya. Promise.  :)

Have a great week, friends! xo

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