Baking Tips for Yummy Cinnamon Rolls

I love baking! Thank goodness the temps are low. Now my simple act of turning the oven on does not cause my hubs to break into a sweat. :)

I had the itch to make cinnamon rolls and of course I went straight to Pinterest for inspiration and ultimately a really great recipe. Ideally, I was looking for something that was quick and delicious. Unfortunately, when it comes to baking, the “quick and delicious” combination doesn’t always work together. But no worries. And in this case, I would recommend giving yourself the time. It’s worth it. And your family will definitely wait for them.Cinnamon rolls - Quick Tips!
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Fall Bucket List

Happy November, friends! One holiday down. Two to go. Love this time of year. It’s full of traditional favorites, family and friends, coziness, cuddles and all that good stuff {in addition to all of the decadent recipes and comfort food}. I can’t get enough. And now that Mads is getting a little older, she’s starting to share in the wonderment, adopting traditions and loving on this chilly weather. Heck, she started singing a few Christmas tunes this past Sunday. I was a little surprised {and giddy and thankful and SO happy} that she started so soon, but hey, I think she’ll fit right in with this holiday-lovin’ family :)

Our fall bucket list is simple and we are crushing it. I’m so thankful!

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French Onion Soup

I’m a NUT when it comes to soup. Not only because I really do love making different kinds of soup but because my family really likes to eat it. Now that it’s getting colder outside, heating up the oven + stove for some comforting goodness seems even more appropriate. That, and nothing really helps fill the soul like a really good home-cooked soup…lots of love + delicious ingredients.

This weekend, I whipped up a favorite for my hubbs – French Onion Soup. It’s such a super simple recipe, but oh-so cheesy and richly divine. I’ll need to make this again very soon…

Pause for the cheesy goodness…

Delicious French Onion Soup

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Needle + Thread

Growing up, I was a girl scout. I loved it. Every other week, I hung out with my girlfriends after school, enjoyed some sort of peanut butter snack and worked on crafts. A group of the coolest moms helped us make lanyards, took us on our first camping trips and taught us the exquisite art of selling cookies. As a reward for our efforts, we were given patches. And when we were Brownies, oh boy did we earn patches! I feel like we were given patches every month. And since this was before the patches had the iron-on adhesive, we lovingly sewed those triangles onto our brown sashes. Well, we didn’t. Our moms and grandmothers were provided this wonderful task.

I would pass my sash and new patches off to one of my grandmas – whoever was assigned the task that time – and wait in anticipation. When I finally received the sash from my grandma, which sometimes seemed like an eternity, I remember looking at each stitch and how it looped around the patch.

Over. Under. Over. Under.

It didn’t move. It was sewn on with such care and love. And it was not coming off. It was now a part of me.

Needle + Thread // Memories with Family

That was years ago. So many years. But the familiar gesture started to come back into our lives. This is the first Halloween Madeline had an opinion, and a strong one at that, about her costume selection.

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